UXD, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Art...

With my skills spanning across a wide spectrum, I am a designer with an obsession to create functional and visually appealing design solutions. Creativity is at the core of my being and it helps me fabricate better digital and artistic experiences.

UX Design

User research, user testing, personas, workflows, mind mapping, wireframes, prototypes.

UI Design

Designing interfaces, responsive layouts, grid definition, visual and behavioral specification.


Creating quick prototypes using html, css, Axure, Sketch, Adobe Comp, App Cooker, Sencha Architect.


html, css, jQuery, javascript, scss (using sencha mixins), actionscript, C programming.

Graphic Design

Graphic creation, corporate identity, collateral design, communication design, logo & icon design.


Canvas, wood, paper, acrylic, oil, gouache, watercolor, sketching.

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