Logistics Management (ULTRA)


An innovative cloud based collaboration portal and e-commerce marketplace for Transportation

Designed at Manhattan Associates (2015)

A collaboration tool for Carriers to carry out Shipment Execution, Monitoring, and Proof of Delivery while being seamlessly integrated with the Transportation Management System. It also supports open communication between shipper and carrier for optimization of transactions and handling exceptions.

Project Details

  • Research
    Current Market Needs

    Today, carriers sign-in to separate instances of the logistics application to view individual shipper offerings. For carriers, this leads to decreased efficiency and potential overlook of shipment offerings if not consciously viewing all active shippers. With this current cloud solution underway, we want carriers to have the ability to view across multiple shippers and have one instance of the application support processes that they would generally carry out for executing and monitoring their shipments. Integrated messaging is also a huge ask so that all exceptions and communication can happen through the application instead of emails/external means of contacting shippers.

  • My Role
    Product Map, Workflows and Concept Designs

    This project is in its initiation phase and I have lead multiple brainstorming sessions with business analysts and developers to help define the scope and execution of this project. Starting with workflows, wireframes and evolving concept screens, my goal is to get early feedback from customers regarding features and successfully position this product to satisfy user needs. These concept screens will also be showcased at Manhattan Associates' yearly customer event called 'Momentum'.

  • Application Characteristics
    Feature design considerations

    —  Designed for Webtop keeping tablets in mind
    —  Dashboard access to multiple features for execution
    —  Robust notification and messaging capabilities
    —  Real-time tracking of shipments
    —  One point access to view shipments from multiple shippers

  • Design Considerations
    Thinking Through

    —  Notifications bar and dashboard tiles to provide easy access to features
    —  Referring to Google's material design standards as an experience guideline
    —  Large touch targets to make the UI tablet friendly
    —  Ability to collapse panels to maximize active/work area
    —  Robust filter capabilities to narrow down results quickly


"We really liked the idea of carriers having a single sign-in to view shipment offers across multiple shippers. It would give our carriers more visibility into our shipment offerings. With notifications and increased usability, this UI would give carriers more incentive to use the portal."

— Feedback by U.S. Foods post concept presentation.

Project Highlight

This project lends itself really well as an exploratory assignment. Steering discussions, suggesting design methods to analyze and assimilate information and using the results to create concept screens were some of the approaches I took to solidify the scope of this project. Multiple iterations helped refine the designs and gave the team a deeper understanding of how improvements in usability could go a long way in solving some of the business cases and challenges for carriers today.

Design Documentation

Following are snippets of design documentation I produced to communicate within and across teams.

  • Image
  • Image
  • Image

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