Unified Distribution Control


Warehouse visibility redefined with an intuitive cross-platform interface

Manhattan Associates press release (May 2018)

Higher visibility of warehouse operations leads to faster resolution of issues by supervisors. Warehouse performance metrics help improve operations over time and advanced analytics help managers monitor the flow of work in the warehouse and get to actionable insights faster. Consistent experience accross form factors helps users adapt quickly between fixed station and mobile interface. Alongside is Manhattan Associates CEO, Eddie Capel, presenting the Warehouse Management dashboard I designed at Momentum 2018.

Project Details

  • Vision
    Objectives & Goals

    To create a wholistic view of the warehouse that reflects the health of current operations and provides managers and supervisors with valuable insights that are actionable. Also provide a task view for associates so they can streamline their work and view performance metrics.

  • My Role
    Story telling through design

    I was involved in this project at a critical stage to resolve a design challenge that the team was struggling with due to multiple constraints. My goal was to design a compelling dashboard that conveys the objective of 'flow of work' in a warehouse and provide visibility into its 3 main constituents - 'People', 'Work' and 'Equipment'. After multiple interations that included collaboration and reviews with Product Management, Developers and Business Analysts, we finalized on a highly configurable yet intuitive dashboard that provided key metrics in the areas identified above. The dashboard visually represents flow of work and is easy to understand. I also helped design various transactional screens as drill down screens from this high level dashboard.

  • Lead Visual Designer
    Establishing the look & feel

    The visual design standards I helped establish for key screens were well received by customers at our yearly conference 'Momentum'. One of the ways I helped the design team adopt the standards for rest of the application were to create style guides and component masters in Sketch that team members could easy integrate in their layouts.


WMS & WES Integration Demo at Momentum 2018

Forbes published article

Project Highlight

Manhattan Spirit Award

Manhattan Spirit "Never Settle - Go The Distance" Award 2018.
As part of the internal recognition program at Manhattan Associates, Spirit Awards are peer nominated. I received this award for my creative direction and collaborative work on Warehouse & Labor management system design and successfully incorporating product vision in a very short span of time.

Application Snapshots

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