Active Omni


Application that supports omnichannel demands and combines Point of Sale and Store Operation functions seamlessly into a single experience

Designed at Manhattan Associates (2015-2016)

Whether it be online shopping, picking up in store to skip checkout lines or shopping in a physical store with a personalized experience, this is a flexible retail solution that adresses the vast needs of a quickly changing retail landscape. Active OMNI Enterprise software provides that much needed seamless experience across multiple devices so users are assured of a smooth shopping experience.

Project Details

  • Research
    Understanding User Needs

    As part of the initial research we shadowed our end users in stores to gain a deeper understanding of the functions they perform in order to timely process customer orders and the challenges and limitations they face in efficiently accomplishing their tasks with ever increasing fulfillment demands. Our goal was to provide a multi-platform omnichannel solution that enables store associates to fulfill customer orders most effectively with updated information at their fingertips and provide personalized solutions that they can delight shoppers with.

  • My Role
    Experience Design

    Streamlining user flows to provide a flexible and efficient solution across the board whether it be picking items for a time sensitive order while simultaneously helping a customer on the floor, to suggesting the best way to fulfill a customer order for an item that is out of stock. Thinking through the lateral movement across different parts of the application and switching of devices yet maintaining the experience was key to the success of designing this application. As part of the process, I created user flows and wireframes that helped us to iterate through and get buy-in from stakeholders for the streamlined experience. I also designed reporting dashboards to monitor store performance and trends.

  • Design Considerations
    Thinking Through

    —   Thoughtfully designed to account for external devices that users might be interacting with such as scanners, mobile label printers etc.
    —  Easy to customize to retailer's branding choices
    —  Giving Associates the control to adjust their experience based on tasks they need to perform daily.


Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Order Management Systems (OMS), Q3 2018

Forbes published article

Project Highlight

Working with teams in multiple geographies to come up with a coherent design solution was a challenging and an educational process in itself. Collaborating with highly experienced industry experts and incorporating their vision into a beatifully designed and engineered solution was a rewarding experience.

Application Snapshots

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