Intercultural Communication


An interactive module to create awareness about intercultural communication

Designed at RIT - MFA Computer Graphics Design (2011)

Understanding issues and strategies involved in successfully overcoming the challenge of communication between people of different countries and various cultures. Addressing some of the hurdles, solutions and benefits of acquainting yourself with this knowledge.

Project Details

  • Research
    Getting in the Deep

    In this age of globalization, it is imperative to strive for unity in diversity. Acquiring the skill of intercultural communication will facilitate resolving conflicts in a multicultural environment. Intercultural communication could be described as scenarios when two or more individuals from different cultures exchange messages in a manner that is influenced by their cultural perceptions and symbol systems, both verbal and nonverbal. Finding common ground in these situations can be challenging and may lead to misunderstandings. With today’s global work scenario, there is increasing need to acquaint ourselves with the knowledge and art of dealing with people of different cultural backgrounds.

  • Goals

    Define the concept of intercultural communication and discuss how to facilitate it. Encourage people to educate themselves further on the topic as it is an essential social and business skill. Creating an interactive flash application (stand-alone/web) which can serve as a mere educating/informational piece or may be incorporated as a training module in multi-national companies for their employees across the globe.

  • Design & Development

    —  Translating data into visual representation
    —  User interaction to make the content engaging
    —  Illustration as visual style to lighten the tone
    —  Using Flash for development
    —  Loading external swf files to optimize file size and user experience
    —  Incorporate user feedback form

  • Software
    Tools of the trade

    —  Adobe Flash
    —  Adobe Photoshop
    —  ActionScript and HTML
    —  Adobe Illustrator
    —  Traditional tools for hand illustrations

Application Screenshots Gallery

Following are some of the screenshots from this interactive module. Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

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