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In this shared transportation economy, TMS mobile gives Carriers and Dispatchers the ability to function on the go and provide the latest and accurate status updates about shipments.

Designed at Manhattan Associates (2015)

TMS mobile gives small and medium-sized contract carriers the ability to capture accurate and timely information about shipments and provide much more visibility into real-time execution and tracking data.

Project Details

  • Research
    Mobile Design Considerations

    Majority of my research was revolved around reducing cognitive load on the application for drivers using this application in transit. It has been designed such that users have to minimally interact with the screen while giving the ability to quickly capture status updates. The app is also integrated with geolocation capabilities that automatically captures shipment location and arrival/departure times at stops along the way. The app gives clear and concise contextual information to its users so they can focus on the task at hand - whether reviewing and accepting tenders or logging in status updates in transit.

  • My Role
    End-to-End Product Design

    I lead the Experience design on this project and collaborated with the Project Manager, Business Analyst and Developers to design features that would address end-user goals and motivations. I incorporated the research outcomes into thoughtfully designed product features. I had to adhere to Apple and Google Store's design guidelines in order to get the app published on time. We also tested with a few customers and received a very positive feedback specifically around the ease of use of the application.


Available on App Store and Google Play Store:

Forbes published article

Project Highlight

Staying focused on the primary goal of reducing cognitive load for features that allow real-time tracking while providing enough details about shipment was a good design challenge. To enable executing transactions on a small form factor meant that the design needed to take into account the progressive disclosure of information while allowing users to quickly make informed decisions. I heavily relied on my deep understanging of UX principles such as Hick's law and Fitt's law while making design choices on this project.

Application Snapshots

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